( Free pizza must be equal or lesser value )

Small (10") Plain Pizza $8.99 Toppings per item $1.75
Medium (12") Plain Pizza $11.99 Toppings per item $2.45
Large (14") Plain Pizza $13.99 Toppings per item $2.75
X-Large (16") Plain Pizza $14.99 Toppings per item $2.95



Pepperoni Green Peppers Hot Peppers
Sausage Onions Anchovies
Ham Black Olives Canadian Bacon
Ground Beef Mushrooms Extra Sauce
Turkey Spinach Extra Cheese
Salami Sliced Tomatoes  
Bacon Pineapples Grilled Chicken
    Grilled Chicken is charged as two toppings


Small (10") Pizza $15.99
Medium (12") Pizza $20.99
Large (14") Pizza $24.99
X-Large (16") Pizza $26.99


House Special Gyro Pizza Spinach Alfredo
Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions & Black Olives Onions, Feta Cheese, Lamb, Slice Tomato Spinach, Creamy White Alfredo Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese
Margherita Buffalo Chicken Wing Pizza Hawaiian Style
Sliced Tomato, Basil and Parmesan No Red Sauce, Baked with Buffalo Wing Sauce Canadian Bacon, Ham, Pineapple & Extra Cheese
Philly Cheese / Steak Greek Pizza Texas Style
Steak, Onions, Mushrooms, & Green Peppers Feta Cheese, Sliced Tomato, Black Olives, Onions & Fresh Garlic Beef Chili, Onions, Jalapeno & Banana Peppers
Meat Treat Mediterranean Chicken NEW  BBQ Chicken
Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Bacon or Canadian Bacon & Ground Beef Grilled Chicken, Sliced Tomato & Fresh Garlic Chicken, Shredded Cheddar Cheese & Mozzarella Cheese
Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza White Pizza Personal Pizza - Cheese $5.99  * Additional toppings $.95 ea
Beef, Melted Cheedar Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese Ricotta, Feta, Parmesan, Mozzarella Cheese & Garlic Powder
Barbeque Pork or Beef Veggie Bread Sticks -.......$2.99 *
With Cheddar Cheese & Mozzarella Cheese Mushrooms, Broccoli, Green Peppers, Onions & Black Olives  

* Not Included in Buy One Get One Free.


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